A tale of two Bobo’s, favorite plays and more

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Mike Bobo's playcalling in the first half showed a deft mix of Hutson Mason's passing and Nick Chubb's running. (John Kelley / UGA)
Mike Bobo's playcalling in the first half showed a deft mix of Hutson Mason's passing and Nick Chubb's running. (John Kelley / UGA)

Mike Bobo’s playcalling in the first half showed a deft mix of Hutson Mason’s passing and Nick Chubb’s running. (John Kelley / UGA)

A few more random thoughts and observations from Georgia’s win over Arkansas and other SEC games …

I complained in my post-game Blawg, which you can read here, about how conservative Georgia’s offensive playcalling was for most of the second half in Little Rock. Trying to sit on a lead is never fun to watch.

But I absolutely loved the way Mike Bobo opened the game.

Everyone, including the Arkansas defense, was expecting Nick Chubb to get the ball, and instead Bobo had Hutson Mason defy his reputation by going long to Chris Conley for 48 yards. And then follow that up on the next play with an 18-yard pass to Michael Bennett. Finally, with it already first-and-goal at the Razorbacks’ 8-yard-line, Chubb got his first carry.

Yes, the run was still Georgia’s primary weapon Saturday, but you’ve got to figure at least some of Chubb’s eventual 202 yards might have been due to the Hogs’ defense loosening up just a little in the box after the Dogs served notice that they could and would throw downfield. …

My favorite plays from the game against Arkansas:

Those consecutive sacks by Damian Swann and Leonard Floyd in the first quarter after an ill-conceived Georgia onsides kick gave the Hogs the ball at the Dogs’ 45 … Mason’s 26-yard pass to Conley on third-and-11 on the first-quarter drive that eventually produced Georgia’s field goal … Chubb’s 43-yard run for a touchdown, where he didn’t even have to kick in the afterburners … That one-play, 4-second scoring drive after the Dogs recovered a fumble at the Arkansas 7 and Mason threw to Bennett in the end zone … Another defensive touchdown on the scoop-and-score fumble recovery by Dominick SandersNothing at all from the third quarter except the Dogs denying the Hogs on a 2-point attempt … That 36-yard fourth quarter touchdown pass from Mason to Conley, a throw as pretty and perfectly executed as anything Aaron Murray ever sent aloft … Mason taking that final knee.

One thing I’m tired of seeing (but resigned to seeing with this year’s defense): Opponents completing passes over the middle as Georgia’s linebackers struggle to cover. …

Back to Swann: He showed us Saturday why he was the lone defensive player who’s consistently drawn praise from Jeremy Pruitt since the preseason. He was all over the field and a terror on those corner blitzes in the first half. …

Mark Richt noted, ironically, that Georgia "didn't get away with a thing" thanks to the officiating. (Getty Images)

Mark Richt noted, ironically, that Georgia “didn’t get away with a thing” thanks to the officiating. (Getty Images)

As close as we came to Mark Richt criticizing the officiating was when, talking about some of the pass interference calls against Georgia, the head coach apparently referenced the frequent pushing-off that Arkansas receivers got way with by noting with seemingly intended irony, “We didn’t get away with a thing.” …

I think the most surprising score of the weekend was Bama demolishing Texas A&M, the SEC’s hottest team during the first month of the season, by a score of 59-0. My first thought on hearing that result? Man, Georgia’s loss to the Gamecocks (who were manhandled by A&M) looks worse all the time. There’s no way this year’s Bulldogs should have lost to this year’s South Carolina team. …

In college football, there’s no middle ground on Notre Dame. You’re either a fan or you hate them and root against them. Generally, I’m in the latter camp. But Saturday night I was pulling for the Fighting Irish to beat the team from Florida State, where Chief Enabler Jimbo Fisher (and apparently everyone else at the school and in Tallahassee) will do anything to win, including ignore anything and everything done off the field by star QB Jameis “I Didn’t Do It, Nobody Saw Me Do It, There’s No Way You Can Prove Anything!” Winston. Unfortunately, a flag on what at first appeared to be a winning score for the Irish wiped it out, and the Noles survived. But they still stink ethically. A recent column from USA Today sums up nicely what a disgrace Florida State has become.

And, now, an open week and then on to Jacksonville! What are the odds Will Muschamp will be making that trip?

Go Dogs!


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