If Richt likes rotating QBs, why the hesitancy?

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Mark Richt is being coy about whether Brice Ramsey will continue to get designated series. (Brant Sanderlin / AJC)
Mark Richt is being coy about whether Brice Ramsey will continue to get designated series. (Brant Sanderlin / AJC)

Mark Richt is being coy about whether Brice Ramsey will continue to get designated series. (Brant Sanderlin / AJC)

Some random notes and observations from Georgia’s win over Vanderbilt and a topsy-turvy weekend in college football …

Brice Ramsey seems to have definitely settled in to the No. 2 QB position for the Dogs (Faton Bauta only got in for one play against Vandy, a 1-yard loss on a keeper), and Ramsey’s initial appearance on the third series of the game was scripted in advance.

He made a couple of passes and overthrew several others (he was a bit pumped up, which is to be expected), but generally seemed sure of himself and, frankly, looked better making fakes than starter Hutson Mason.

Considering he could wind up the starter if something happened to Mason, getting regular playing time for Ramsey with the game still on the line, rather than just in mop-up action, would seem to be a no-brainer.

Mark Richt indicated after the game and again on Sunday that Ramsey might continue to get regular series but hedged that it wasn’t a sure thing.

“I like the philosophy of doing it, period,” Richt said Sunday. “I think it’s always good to let your second-teamer play in some snaps that are important in the first half. It just gives them experience that they need in case your starter gets hurt or when your starter moves on because he’s a senior or whatever it may be. You want to play your second-teamers at all positions if you can, but the quarterback seems to be the most delicate, it really is, but I think you can treat it pretty much like other positions and say, ‘Hey, we’re going to get them a series in the first half.’ It’s not an indictment on anybody, it’s healthy for the second teamer and the team.”

Richt had said pretty much the same thing earlier in the week. He noted that rotating QBs is what he did at FSU and said he believes it’s a good thing. But, he indicated, after the David Greene-D.J. Shockley era, Georgia got away from the practice because Mike Bobo wasn’t all that wild about it. And Saturday Richt said that, before he could say Ramsey definitely will continue to get game time, he’d need to talk to Bobo.

Just wondering: Why can’t Richt just tell the offensive coordinator what he would prefer to see happen and leave it at that? He is the head coach, after all, and that job ought to have some perks other than those Ford trucks. …

Todd Gurley is not the sort of runner who goes down easily, so when you see him only get 1 or 2 yards, you can usually assume the offensive line didn’t do a very good job of blocking on that play. And there were a number of those 1- and 2-yard runs Saturday against Vandy. The OL continues to be inconsistent, sometimes looking really sharp (with Gurley hurtling through large holes) and at other times pushing no one back. …

You can vote for Todd Gurley's 50-yard pass as SEC Play of the Week. (Getty Images)

You can vote for Todd Gurley’s 50-yard pass as SEC Play of the Week. (Getty Images)

Gurley’s 50-yard pass to Jeb Blazevich (who looks like he’s going to become quite a weapon for the Dogs) is one of the five nominees for ESPN.com’s SEC Play of the Week. You can vote for it here.

The fact that the Dogs came out of a game officiated by the Penn Wagers crew without any real gripes about controversial penalties has to be marked down as a moral victory of sorts. …

We can’t blame Todd Grantham for the latest defensive back to depart from Georgia’s football program. Freshman Shaq Jones, dismissed from the team Sunday (apparently as a result of a shoplifting charge), originally was committed to Louisville, but after Grantham went there and Jeremy Pruitt came to UGA, Jones switched and signed with the Bulldogs. If Second Chance U. (aka Auburn) doesn’t grab him, you have to figure he might wind up in Louisville after all. …

In recent years, the two Mississippi schools have been considered afterthoughts in the SEC West. So, it’s crazy that Ole Miss and Mississippi State are both undefeated and tied for No. 3 in the Associated Press college football poll after the Rebels beat Bama and the Other Bulldogs beat Texas A&M Saturday. It’s the highest ranking for the Rebels since 1970, when they were also No. 3, and the highest ranking ever for State. Their previous best was No. 7 in 1981.

Georgia remained at No. 13 in the AP media poll and moved up from 12th to 10th in the coaches poll. Considering what we’ve seen so far, that seems about right. …

I’ll be off for a few days this coming week but the Blawg will return for a preview of the Missouri game and to answer Junkyard Mail.

Go Dogs!


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